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I'll have a little less time to devote to this site for a little bit -so answering comments and stuff won't be quite as timely not that I have been particularly good with that in the past either hehe..
Anyways if anyone needs to contact me for any reason an email will get a quicker answer than a note since I check my emails more often.
I will eventually return with what I hope will be exiting new stuff.
In the meantime thanks to all the people who stop by my gallery.

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So apparently work ending up on brings a hell of a lot of traffic in.
Been about two year since I did Ride of the Valkyries so it's cool to see it making the rounds. Apparently you can't go wrong with The Holy Mountain :D

This journal entry shall also be a collective 'thanks for +watchin' to everyone from the recent wave of new watchers. -Thanks!

Well I'm off to upload some new art into my gallery now-->
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I just got done with a major spring cleaning on my deviant account.
I pretty much purged all the activity -though I tried to go through and answer any direct questions in messages but if something was over looked don't hesitate to nudge me again.

So far this year has been pretty great for me and I've actually been quite busy drawing.
Bits and pieces of my efforts will find their way on here as the year moves on.

Now it's on to the task of finding more illustration work for the rest of the spring.. if anyone has any ideas on where I should be looking at -do share please.



Also here is a random short collection of some cool people to check out if you haven't already:

:iconthejeremydale: :iconlostonwallace: :iconnatelovett: :iconpaulmaybury: :iconthewoodenking: :iconralphniese: :iconalejandroisaminotaur: etc.
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First new journal entry since last March I must be the quiet sort.

First of all big thanks to :iconjussta: for suggesting and :iconarchann: for featuring 'Zombie Apocalypse'… as a DailyDeviation last week. I was really quite overwhelmed with all the activity it brought to my page.

Also big thanks to :iconhelewidis: for including my piece 'Cthulhu commission part2.'… in her news article collection of depictions of the Great Old Ones here:… .

For all the new watchers thank you for adding me to your +watchlists!
I'm going through the comments and getting around to answering any specific questions. Still I have to settle for a collective THANK YOU! instead of going through everyone.

As always I'm keeping myself quite busy. Good news is that this should result in more art in the near future.

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Hey everyone I know I've been quiet here lately but I'm getting back to it now.

Anyways I'm opening myself up for commissions. If you're new here check out my gallery to see the kind of work I do. If you're interested drop me a note for rates and details.
Looking forward to it!


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My friend :iconxadrian-xray-dan: has started round 2 on the 100 Artists Project he is running.
Read more about it on his journal here:…
Or check the project's main site here:

Well I've really enjoyed my stay here so far.
And though I've been really bad at keeping up with comments and questions so far I'll try to be better at answering them from now on.
I really appreciate all the feedback I've been getting. Going to answer some of the questions I've left hanging very soon.

I think that's all for now.
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Hello to everyone who happens to stumble across this page.
Finally got around to joining.. hopefully I'll have fun here.
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