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Meittimies 3 days ago  Student General Artist
Täytyy kyllä sanoa että alkupään työs on aavistuksen samanlaista mitä digitöinä yleensä näkee mutta tuo sun helvetin taitava tussinkäyttös tekee kaikesta tosi persoonallisen näköistä sen jälkiin. Perkele, pitäisi itekin opetella käyttämään tussiviivoja tolleen tyylikkäästi.
This is an amazing gallery! I would gladly buy any painting, comic book or graphic novel done by you. Your art is very unique and iconic in its own way. Keep it up!
Oh, what a gallery!! Very interesting style and so detailed
Your art is so beautiful, just like my dreams ^^
I,d love to see your interpretation of Stephen King´s "The Dark Tower" saga. Have you read it yet? Your style fits perfectly with it.
Oh I haven't read it. Didn't take make a comicbook version of it too a couple of years back?
noodlium Jun 27, 2012  Student General Artist
Sweet gallery :)
Wow man you're stuff is amazing!!! So totally up my alley, I have to find out more about your work!
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